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A Home Garden Memorial

The Everlasting Urn® has created a range of indoor and outdoor memorial products that provide security, impenetrability and accessibility.

Our products are aesthetically pleasing, non-intrusive, and focus on retention primarily in your own home garden or memorial park of your choice.

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Our Products

The Everlasting Urn® with Plaque

Available in both Adult & Children’s sizes.

The urn encapsulates the cremated remains (cremains) and is designed to stand alone as an independent form of memorialisation or be inserted into one of sandstone our plinth or Garden Memorial options.

Memorial Plaques

Available in both Adult & Childrens sizes.

Adult Size: 120mm x 120mm with radius round corners.
Children’s Size: 95mm x 95mm with radius round corners.

Your choice of plaques, border styles and corners.

Sandstone Plinth
(Inclusive of Urn, Plaque & Vase)

A natural sandstone plinth into which The Everlasting Urn® can be placed.
A stainless steel floral vase and plaque of your choice is included.

Double Companion Memorial
(Includes Double Urns, Plaques & Vase)

Affording families the opportunity to jointly memorialise their parents, partners and children all together in one aesthetically pleasing memorial.

Memorial Marker and Memorial Stone

These low cost options act as a representation of memorialisation. The choice for remembrance to those who have already scattered cremains.

You may be parted by you don’t need to be apart

Create a memorial garden for your loved one at home

Our memorial products are perfect for when you have cremated a loved one but:

  • You are not ready to scatter your loved ones ashes
  • You want to create a memorial in your garden
  • Would prefer to not store the cremains on a shelf or hidden away in a cupboard
  • Want to have a place to sit, reflect and honour your loved one
One Final Gift

Scatter me not to restless winds,
Nor toss my ashes to the sea.
Remember now the years gone by . . .
When loving gifts I gave to thee.

Remember now the happy times . . .
The family ties we shared.
Don’t leave my resting place unmarked
As though you never cared.

Deny me not one final gift for all who come to see . . .
A single lasting proof that says
I loved . . . and you loved me

DJ Kramer