The Everlasting Urn

Memorial Marker and Memorial Stone

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These low cost options act as a representation of memorialisation, sitting on top of the earth.

These products offer choices for remembrance to those who have already scattered cremated remains (cremains) or are planning to scatter the cremated remains (cremains) of a loved one.

This type of memorial also assists with the difficulties of making the journey to a distant memorial park where cremated remains (cremains) are interred or a loved one buried.

Alternatively, these memorials are an additional option for those who do not wish to remove the cremated remains (cremains) of their loved one from the original receptacle, preferring to bury the cremated remains (cremains) and place the memorial on top of the earth as a tribute.

Memorial Marker
(Inclusive of Plaque & Vase)


Created from sculptured reconstituted stone, the Memorial Marker features a floral vase and your choice of plaque and emblem.
The overall outside dimensions are 30cm x 30cm.
The marker is complete with a painted stainless steel vase for placement of flowers.
The actual plaque size is 14cm H x 20cm W. 

Memorial Stone
(Inclusive of Plaque)


The memorial stone features a natural piece of Hawksbury Sandstone and has ample room for the application of your choice of a bronze plaque or Metalphoto plaque with portrait and text or text only.
The actual plaque size to be mounted on the stone is approximately 12cm x 12cm.