The Everlasting Urn

Why Memorialise?

There are various options available for the disposition and interment of a loved one’s cremated remains (cremains).

Many families are choosing to keep the cremated remains (cremains) at their home due to the spiralling costs of traditional memorialisation or because of logistical difficulties in accessing cemeteries and memorial parks.

However, they are uncertain of how to protectively store or display the cremated remains (cremains) in a dignified, comforting manner.

Another practice involves scattering the cremated remains (cremains), a decision many regret at a later date.

Unfortunately, the act of scattering is irreversible and should always be undertaken after considerable thought.

At The Everlasting Urn®, we understand that grieving families and friends require a memorial to visit and provide a focal point for their grief.

Whether it be on an anniversary, birthday, or special holiday, families desire a special place in their own “comfort-zone” where they can reflect and celebrate the life lived.

With this in mind, Everlasting Garden Treasures has created a range of indoor and outdoor memorial products that provide security, impenetrability and accessibility. Our products are aesthetically pleasing, non-intrusive, and focus on retention primarily in your own home garden or memorial park of your choice.