The Everlasting Urn

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are the products relocatable should I move?

      All products are easily relocatable should you change residences in the future.

    2. Will The Everlasting Urn withstand the elements?

      Because the urn is 100% waterproof and made of 304 grade stainless steel, it will not rust nor breakdown. Likewise, our plaques are made of quality materials (such as bronze) and are designed specifically for outdoor use.

    3. Will the urn contain all the cremated remains (cremains)?

      Yes, our urns will contain ALL the cremated remains (cremains). We are even able to produce larger urns on request to accommodate personal memorabilia.

    4. Can The Everlasting Urn be placed indoors?

      Our urn is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The urn can be placed in a large potted plant indoors or on a balcony. A silk floral and greenery arrangement has also been specifically designed to showcase The Everlasting Urn these arrangements can be purchased at an additional cost upon request.

    5. Is the Everlasting Urn suitable for the cremated remains (cremains) of a companion animal?

      Absolutely! Many families have already used our urns or double plinth memorial for this purpose. Everlasting Garden Treasures provide a range of smaller urns to accommodate companion animal cremated remains (cremains).

    6. Can two sets of cremated remains (cremains) be placed in an Everlasting Urn?

      Yes, but we would require you to contact us so we can arrange a larger size urn to accommodate ALL the cremated remains (cremains). This would obviously incur additional costs.

    7. Are the cremated remains (cremains) secure?

      As well as being secure, the urn is also 100% waterproof. The urn features a stainless steel support spike that is attached to the base of the urn providing an anchor to the earth. The fact that the urn is placed in your own home garden minimises the risk of vandalism or damage.

    8. Can we design our own Memorial?

      We understand that everyone’s needs are unique and our aim is to assist families to make their important decision. We are more than happy to discuss alterations and changes and we will do everything in our power to arrive at a memorial that meets everyone’s needs, celebrates the life lived and creates a timeless memory for generations to come.

If you have any other questions that have not been covered by our FAQ above, please contact us