The Everlasting Urn

The Everlasting Urn® with Plaque

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The Everlasting Urn®
(Inclusive of Plaque)

The Comforting Alternative . . .
. . . to Traditional Memorialisation


Available in both Adult & Children’s sizes.


The original Everlasting Urn is at the core of our memorialisation products.

The urn encapsulates the cremated remains (cremains) and is designed to stand alone as an independent form of memorialisation or be inserted into one of our various plinths and Garden Treasure options.

The urn is hand-made from high grade stainless steel and resilient to the extremities of any climate.

Immune to tarnishing, corrosion and 100% waterproof, the urn is anchored in the earth and features your choice of plaque and emblem.


In addition to the stainless steel finish, The Everlasting Urn® is available in four aesthetically pleasing colours
to complement the special place you have chosen to memorialise your loved one.

* Colours may vary slightly from samples indicated above.