The Everlasting Urn

How Does It Work?

Placement of cremated remains into The Everlasting Urn® and placing into your garden or memorial park setting.

Supplied Content


Remove the urn lid by unscrewing the four (4) small dome nuts situated under the lid of the urn and remove lid
(small spanner is supplied).
Fig 1 above

  • Line the urn cylinder with the plastic bag supplied all the way to the bottom.
  • Roll the bag excess over the top of the urn cylinder for ease in holding the liner in place.

Fig 2 above

  • Slowly pour the cremated remains into the urn (it is recommended to do this in four or five stage intervals as it may be necessary to compact the cremated remains periodically to ensure all remains are housed completely).
  • When all the cremated remains are in the urn, tie off the plastic liner (bag) with the cable tie supplied and fold top of bag back into the cylinder.
  • Reposition the urn lid and replace the four (4) dome nuts that were originally removed.
  • Tighten the dome nuts securely using the spanner supplied, being careful * NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN.

Insert the support spike (B) supplied into the base of the urn (A) and tighten in place with the locking nut (C).
NB: The spike does not wind all the way into the urn base – some thread will be left showing.
Fig 3

The Everlasting Urn® is now ready for placement into the selected garden setting.

  • Dig a hole approximately two-thirds the length of the urn cylinder and place the urn into it.
  • When placing the everlasting urn the support spike will embed into the solid earth to support the memorial in its vertical position ready for back filling with the soil that was dug up.

Fig 4

Fig 5
For added security the spike can be pre-bent to a 90° angle prior to winding into the urn and placed into a concrete bed for additional support.

Should you desire to relocate The Everlasting Urn® at a later date, simply take the memorial out of the garden and place it as before into the new position.